Loft Conversions Basildon Essex

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Mansard Loft Conversion in Basildon

Mansard Loft Conversion Basildon Essex

A Mansard loft conversion takes the slope of the front or rear of a roof and basically extends it outwards to near enough a vertical side to an angle of at least 72 degrees. The roof is then near enough flat and its common for the windows to be enclosed within small dormers.

L-Shaped Conversion Basildon Essex

An L Shaped loft conversion is where two dormers are connected together to form an L shape. They can offer a great deal of space, but are normally only suitable for properties where there is a back addition to the property.

L-Shaped Conversion in Basildon
Hip to Gable Conversion in Basildon

Hip to Gable Basildon Essex

A hip roof slants on all four sides and is known to be one of the strongest roof structures there is.

A gable roof slants on two sides and the other two sides are a continuation of the wall to fill in the triangle of the roof up to the ridge.

A hip to Gable loft conversion is where the existing sloped part of the roof (the hip) which basically reduces the useable floor area is removed and converted to a gable end. This can be a continuation of the brick finish used for the wall or a tiled or wood panel finish.

Dormer Conversions Basildon Essex

Dormer loft conversions are simply where a pitched roof is converted to form a box like structure. This helps to increase the space in the loft and make it possible for conversion. The walls on a dormer conversion will then sit at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

Dormer Conversions in Basildon
Velux / Roof Light Conversions in Basildon

Bungalow Loft Conversion Basildon Essex

Bungalows are perfect for conversions in most cases. A lot of the time the roofs have a high pitch which also makes head room no issue at all. A bungalow can however have dormers installed as well so there are many options available.

Bungalow Loft Conversion in Basildon

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